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Rohit Kohli Rohit Kohli DIRECTOR & OPERATIONS
Laxman Rai Laxman Rai COACH
Sapna Dalvi Sapna Dalvi COACH
Ankit Lakra Ankit Lakra COACH
Sanya Singh Sanya Singh COACH
Kunal Jagtap Kunal Jagtap COACH
Manjeet Manjeet COACH
Anita Bhengra Anita Bhengra COACH
Vivekanand Srivastava Vivekanand Srivastava DIRECTOR
Ashitha Razzak Ashitha Razzak STRATEGY
Nilay Bowmick Nilay Bowmick COACH
Kalpana Bisht Kalpana Bisht COACH
Vikas Jana Vikas Jana COACH
Mounika Nelli Mounika Nelli FUNDRAISING
Benoy Stephen Benoy Stephen DIRECTOR
Rohit Mandal Rohit Mandal COACH
Abhishek Sanag Abhishek Sanag COACH
Deepak Deepak COACH
Dinesh Rajali Dinesh Rajali COACH
Srishir Gupta Srishir Gupta DIRECTOR

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