Impact Stories

Player Stories

Manjeet's Journey – GK MAD

Manjeet comes from a dysfunctional family and has been bringing himself up…

Sapna's Journey – GK MAD

Sapna was like a Harry Potter under an invisible clock. Full of talent and potential but …

Megha's Journey – GK MAD

Megha comes from a small town from Uttrakhand. Girls from her community are…

Nilay's Journey – GK MAD

Nilay’s father is a manual rickshaw puller and his mother is a cleaning staff …

Anita’s Journey – GK MAD

Anita comes from a tribal village in Jharkhand. Girls her age in her community…

Laxman’s Journey – GK MAD

With Ultimate Frisbee, he found a new purpose and platform. He wanted to excel…

Team Stories

Children practicing throws at practice
Singngat Ultimate

Singngat is a small village in the conflict affected area of Manipur. Football is a popular pastime in Singnat but it is very much a boy’s game, roughing it out on the field to win.

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