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We accept donations only from Indian Nationals at the moment as we do not have FCRA permission yet. If you are not one, write to us at team@yultimate.org to figure out other ways to support us.


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  • Any amount of INR 100 and above is welcome!
  • For donations above INR 1000, we would like to thank you with a customised GK supporter jersey of your choice.
  • For donations above INR 10,000, along with a jersey of your choice, we shall also be giving a special gift from our team.

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GK MAD, a team created by the children of Zamrudpur village, was born from a desire to have a platform where everyone has an opportunity to play the sport of ultimate frisbee. It started in 2015 when a group of 10-13-year-olds saw foreigners playing in a public park in Greater Kailash. They recruited their peers and started playing all 7 days a week. Soon this group from Greater Kailash (GK) came together and started the club GK MAD on 31st October, 2015.

2015 team photo

GK MAD became a platform for young people from vulnerable backgrounds to be themselves and work on themselves through the sport. Since the inception of the Indian National ultimate Frisbee championships in 2018, we have qualified through the preliminary stages to get a spot at the nationals. However, due to financial and logistical constraints, we couldn't compete till 2023. In our debut nationals in 2023, we started at #8 seed and worked our way up to finish #2 in the country.

2018 team photo

The early signs of change inspired us to incorporate Y-Ultimate into a non-profit organisation in 2019 and take the learnings to more young people. We set up our second team, GK Crazy in 2023 to celebrate our 8 year journey of GK MAD. GK Crazy gives a platform for young people from the various communities Y-Ultimate's work to have an opportunity to become the next set of peer leaders and pursue excellence in the sport. To make these dreams come true, we at Y-Ultimate are currently raising funds for us to continue building opportunities for these young leaders.

2023 team photo

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